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Sage EasyPay Enterprise

Core Module

What does it do?

The core module allows you to manage personal information of each employee all within a single window. You can manage the employee's personal information, family information, employment status, bank details and above all, the pay elements.

The Core Module provides easy-to-use yet powerful navigation, data entry/import, retrieval and update.

In a nutshell, the Core Module empowers you to control all static information regarding information on personnel, pay and corporate data.

What are the benefits?

1. Saves you time with ease of use and flexibility. You can even import data from Excel.
2.Gives you a quick overview of all employee information at a glance. Conversely, the data can be exported into Excel.
3.Archives all type of work information, from full-time employees to contract staff to instructors to even applicants.
4.Links CPF contributions automatically.
5. Allows you to customise the Query feature.
6. Provides two sets of calendar for each employee: one for work and the other for leave.

Reports available in the Core Module
  • Company Report
  • Personnel Report
  • Employment Report
  • Personnel and Employment Report
  • Basic Rate Progression Report
  • Contract Progression Report
  • Career Progression Report
  • New Join Report
  • Confirmation Report
  • Cessation Report
  • Retirement Report
  • Birthday Report
  • Education Report
  • Family/Other Contacts Report
  • Staff Movement Report

Pay Module

What does it do?

The Pay Module is the heart of EPE's payroll processing capabilities. It empowers you to manage payroll completely - from data gathering to payroll and tax calculations, right down to submissions.

It allows you to track and manage each employee's pay while computing bonuses and incentives based on user-defined criteria and formulas.

It covers four types of payment, namely Normal Pay, Bonus Pay, Other Pay and Advance Pay. And each type of payment can be split into four payment periods a month.

What are the benefits?

1. Allows unlimited Over Time (OT) tables and rates to be defined, be it hourly, daily of fixed. In addition, No Pay Leave or Lateness can be incorporated.
2. Reflects local payroll payable taxes.
3. Provides a quick look at any employee's Gross Wages, Total Allowances, Total Deduction, Total Reimbursement, Statutory Deduction, and Net Wage.
4. Allows various pay elements to be easily automated by group or individuals. In addition, recurring pay elements can also be defined with a full or recur amount with a start and end date.

Reports available in the Pay Module
  • Employee Report
  • Setup Report
  • Pay Record Report
  • Government Form
  • Analysis Reports
  • Bonus Processing Report
  • Payroll Summary Report
  • Bank / Cash Listing Report
  • Payroll Analysis Report
  • Advance Pay Processing Report
  • Statistics Report

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