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One for the SOHO

Your business achieves growth to a point that keeping track of the accounts alone becomes a bit of a hassle. However, with Sage UBS:one (Version 6), keeping the books does not have to be a downright hassle

For a price at RM698* , Sage UBS:one provides a basic accounting and billing suite, making it a wonderful choice for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for an accounting solution without breaking the bank, and who have staff already familiar with using UBS software for some years.

Users will be able to take advantage of its intuitive built-in KPI index, which will provide accurate statistics on profits and losses, cost, revenue, debtors, including the top overdue customers and suppliers for better financial decision-making.

Make your work life more simple with live RSS feeds, that keeps you informed on all the major headlines that could affect your business. Sage UBS:one (Version 6) also comes with quick access to the task flows, including information on debtors, creditors transactions, and reports on the dashboard for user convenience.

The billing suite allows invoicing clients and managing of stock costs becomes infinitely easier, thanks to its “First-In, First-Out?stock valuation method.

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